Tarzan Swings You Straight to Smackers and Stacks

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tarzan-slot-logoReleased by Microgaming, Tarzan is a 3D video slot, based on a century old novel about a young lord raised by the apes.

With the licensing agreement granting Microgaming to use the name Tarzan, the slot is a modernised version that introduces the most popular elements from both the novel and some earlier screen adaptations.

The appearance of characters seems to be based mostly on Disney animated movie from the 90s, although some other traces of popular cinema can be found as well.

Together with the character of Tarzan, the slot also features faithful Cheetah, Professor Archimedes and Jane.

What We Love

Apart from excellent graphics and the theme itself, we love how the developers did not miss to incorporate the popular Tarzan scream in the slot.

The transmission between different bonus features is also nicely done. In order to unlock one of the extra rounds, Tarzan will first need to spin the wheel, which will decide on the actual follow up game.

Once the wheel stops, Tarzan will guide you to the next screen, by asking you to follow him to the jungle or by climbing the rope to the next level. A simple, yet effective solution for exiting the main game and entering the bonus mode.


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The special features are pretty exciting. With up to 12 Free Spins and Growing Wilds, the player can also win monetary prizes through Pick-a-Potamus game or even increase the stake by 200x, 400x or 1,000x if the wheel hits the Jackpot field.

We also appreciated the added value of cascading or rolling reels in the Free Spins round. While the main games has the regular spinning reels, Free Spins shift you to the cascading system, which increases the odds of landing the winning combination.

What We Do Not Like

Triggering the Free Spins round can require some extra time and effort, but once you manage to open it, you will be pleasantly surprised by Growing Wilds addition.

Unfortunately for us, the feature cannot be re-triggered. So, once you actually manage to activate this bonus round, better enjoy it while you can, as this will be the last time you’ll be seeing it.

One other thing we would like to mention is that the wins during Free Spins are not being multiplied. With literally zillion slots out there where Free Spins double you wins, we sort of grew to expect it.

Worth Playing?

With the potential jackpot of 1,000x your stake, the slot undoubtedly earned its place on the must-try list. Together with the combination of free spins, cash prizes and multipliers, the theoretical return to player goes above 96%. making Tarzan a low variance slot.

Taking all of this into consideration, Tarzan seems to have everything that constitutes a great slot. Decent winning potential, terrific graphics and interesting bonus features.

Even with the slightly frustrating fact about Free Spins not increasing your wins by default, the slot offers just enough to make you overlook a few minor drawbacks.

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