the-wild-3-slot-logoAmerica is big. A lot of non-Americans just don’t understand how massive the United States really were – but it can take you multiple days to drive from coast to coast without stopping, the distance you have to cover is colossal. And people ventured further west, into the unknown, forming small, remote settlements, giving rise to the idea of the Wild West that fuel this slot.

The Wild 3 is a NextGen Gaming release focused on the three wanted characters, and the bonus each of them brings to the table, as well as a re-spins and free spins special features.

The symbols include different types of cacti, a bundle of dynamite sticks, a bag full of money, golden bars, a safe, a bank, and a vulture with a hat. The title has three different Wilds – the racoon, the coyote and the bull, while their wanted poster is a Scatter.


NextGen Gaming was founded in 1999, poised in just the right position to take advantage of the newly booming online gambling industry. The company sat under the Nyx Gaming Group, which allowed them to operate independently, and with great success.

A great deal of players may not even be aware they’re playing a NextGen title thanks to the company’s heavy B2B approach, preferring to deal with other businesses and license their titles over forming a front for customers to approach.

Their titles see moderate success, but up until recently, the company’s graphics and audio quality tended to lag behind the competition, which they’re making strides to fix. As of January 2018, NextGen’s parent company Nyx was bought out by the Scientific Games Corporation, the same company that holds WMS Gaming.

How to Play it

The game offers players a 5×3 playing field with 10 fixed paylines, allowing players to only adjust their wager and superbet level in order to control their bet. Superbet essentially allows you to have multiple Wilds along with their effects, but they also increase your bet level.

Accounting for super bet, the lowest bet you can reach is $0.10, while the highest is $200 per spin, which is a nice range that we think both casual gamblers and high rollers alike will enjoy. The title has an Autoplay option, though its rather barebones, just allowing you to select the amount of wins you want to spin, with no loss limits and the like.

While the reels are unfortunately not transparent, you can see the full backdrop image when you open one of the menus. This, however, ends up removing the very subtle animation of sand shifting across the backdrop, which isn’t really prominent, but very noticeably absent once its gone. These graphics won’t be winning awards anytime soon, but they’re quite fitting for the theme.

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Special Features

This is where things get complicated, so buckle up your seatbelts! First off, if you’ve enabled the maximum Superbet, you get access to three different Wilds and their features. A Wild Racoon on reel three will create more of itself, and can even overlay over Scatters – though don’t worry, as the Scatter win will still be registered, as well as the free spins activation. When Wild Coyote appears on reel three, all cactus symbols transform into Wild Coyotes.

And finally, Wild Bull appearing on the third reel creates a multiplier ranging from 2x to 10x. All three of these can activate at once, with Coyote taking precedence over the Racoon feature if it does. If you land two Scatters on the second and fourth reel, but lack the Wild win to complete free spins, you get up to three re-spins to secure that Wild to activate free spins. Once free spins themselves are active, you win five extra turns with all Wilds on reel three, including the one you start with, being locked in place.

Every new Wild that gets frozen in place or a Scatter that lands also rewards a single free spin, extending the bonus. Furthermore, the Wild features can also come into play during free spins. And if you thought we were done, you’d be wrong. The game has Missions, which you complete over time. Once you complete a mission, you pick through 15 moneybags for cash prizes, a mystery symbol or two more picks. Picking the mystery icon gives you a cash prize between 5x to 100x instantly.

Maximum Payouts

Of course, with so many possibilities combining due to the sheer amount of free spins, it’s no surprise your maximum win can also go to some insane level – the highest we were able to find was 25020x the wager, which is absolutely insane!

The game compensates for this fact with a very high variance, however – and so if you plan on playing this, you better make sure you have deep pockets, because wins will be sparse and features even more so. The title ranges in RTP from 95.5% up to 96.7% depending on how high your Superbet level is, which sits at average to above average for video slots.


As you can probably tell by the wall of text under the Special Features tab, there’s a lot of bonuses for gamblers to chase in The Wild 3, and we’d perhaps be inclined to say that there’s too many all stuffed in one. Having lots of bonuses is fine, but NextGen Gaming seem to have gone overboard here. Still, we plan on playing the shit out of it, and we hope you enjoy it too.

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