Mobile Playing Platforms

One question anyone looking to start playing casino games in the mobile gaming environment is going to ask is whether their device is going to be compatible with the mobile gaming platforms offered by various mobile casino sites.

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As each mobile device whether it is a tablet device or a mobile phone is going to have one of several different operating platforms, this is a good question. In fact when mobile casinos were first launched the actual handsets were very basic and the mobile gaming platforms in the early days of mobile gaming would allow players to play games using the Java application and players would have to download just one game at a time onto to their device.

This has now changed and as such you will find that if you own one of the more up to date mobile devices you are going to be able to play at any mobile casino site in one of two different ways. If your device allows you to download Apps onto it then you will find lots of mobile casinos offering their own unique downloadable Casino Apps.

If your mobile device has a web browser on it then the other way you can access a suite of mobile casino games is to simply visit the website of any mobile casino you fancy playing at and once there you will find a range of HTML5 compatible mobile games, and these games will load into your web browser and that is how you play them, much like an instant play online casino site, and by choosing this option you are not forced to download anything onto your mobile device.

Choose Your Device:

Choosing a Mobile Casino

Below we have an overview of the most commonly used mobile devices and their respective operating systems. If you want to quickly and easily locate a mobile casino at which you can play casino games for free or for real money simply follow the links and we will enlighten you on what games are available and a range of mobile casinos offering you a large and varied range of new player and ongoing bonus offers.

As you are able to put any mobile casino to the test via a free play demo mode, then why not do just that as by doing so you will be able to play a wide range of games on your device and will be able to make an informed judgement call as to whether those games will be worth your real money gaming action when you are ready to play them for real money.

iPad Casinos and Games – It is true to say that iPads are quickly establishing themselves as replacements for laptops, and you will find a wide range of these types of tablet devices are on offer. They do make perfect devices for playing mobile casino games on, as thanks to the fairly large screens on offer and of course the touch screen capability this makes playing any game a simple procedure and much easy than having to utilize a laptops keyboard and the fiddly mouse pad or mouse ball!

iPhone Casinos and Games – There are several different models of iPhone on the market and many users of these devices are prepared to camp out overnight when the latest model is released! However, if you do own an iPhone it doesn’t matter whether it is the very latest all singing and all dancing version or one of the older models, you will find a massive selection of casino games can be played on those devices either for free or for real money.

Android Casinos and Games – Android is one of the most commonly found operating systems on a wide range of mobile devices. You will therefore find that every single mobile gaming site is going to offer a gaming platform that will allow you to access any type of casino game you are wishing to play on those devices.

All of the major online casino software companies have launched their own suite of Android compatible games, so if you are an online player looking to move your real money gaming action over to the mobile gaming environment then you will not only find a large range of sites at which you can play at, you will also find a plethora of bonuses on offer to get you to give those mobile casinos a try!

Windows Mobile Casinos and Games – You will also find that a growing number of mobile devices use the Windows operating system, and if you own for example a Windows Phone then do not think that you are not going to be able to play your favourite casino game when out and about, as the opposite is in fact true!

Whatever type of casino game you want to play whether you are a slot player a casino card or table game player or love nothing more than sitting down to play video poker games, you will find a large range of different game variants on offer, and by looking around our website we are going to introduce you to many Windows Phone compatible casino sites who are giving away lots of not to be missed sign up bonuses

BlackBerry Casinos and Games – Many Blackberry owners and users may at first be put off playing a range of casino games on their devices as to be perfectly honest they are not exactly designed for mobile gambling!

However, there are many different casino games you will be able to download onto your Blackberry device, and whilst you will have to spend a few minutes getting used to the way they work and operate, the graphics have been enhanced to allow you to get an enjoyable gaming session on these small screen devices, and the games can be operated an controlled via the keypad.

In fact you will find a range of Blackberry device exclusive casino games available at many of our reviewed mobile casino sites, and as such you will not only find a standard selection of popular games but also a handful of games not available to players using any other type of mobile device!