Video Poker For Mobile

video poker played on mobile device

video poker played on mobile device

As far as most mobile casino games go, you will not really need to learn any perfect playing strategy, this is of course true for keno games and slot games and even scratchcard games for those games are simple to play and shouldn’t pose too problematic for novice players.

However, there are of course some mobile casino games that will require you to master the way they play and always put into play the best playing strategy before you play them for real money if you want a better chance of winning!

These games include Blackjack games and Video Poker games, and the house edges on these categories of games can be very low when you do play them optionally and never make any game play errors when getting stuck into playing them on your mobile device.

With this in mind below we have compiled a definitive listing of all of the currently available mobile Video Poker games that you can easily and very quickly access when playing at any of our Microgaming powered mobile casino sites. Be aware that all of the following games are available in a demo free play mode and as such if you do wish to put in some free play, no risk sessions to master the way each variant works and operates then that is of course possible.

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Aces and Eights – If you give the Aces and Eights mobile Video Poker game some play time and play it perfectly then the expected long term RTP of this game is quite high working out at a very respectable 99.09%, but you will have to play each hand perfectly to benefit from that high payout percentage and also play five coins per hand!

Aces and Faces – The vast majority of Aces and Faces Video Poker game variants whether you play them in a land based, online or mobile casino site have the same set of payouts listed on the pay table and as such the payout percentage on all of these identical variants is 99.26%.

Bonus Deuces Wild – This game has an enhanced jackpot on offer that may appeal to many Video Poker players, and it also has something of a fairly decent long term expected payout percentage that can be as high as 99.15% when you play all five coins per hand and then play every single hand dealt out to you perfectly, so make sure that is how you play it!

Deuces Wild – When you play at an online casino using Microgaming software you will find a multi hand variant of this Video Poker game which has a much payout percentage than the single hand variant, however the only variant of this game offered on Microgaming’s mobile gaming platform is the lower paying, single hand variant which returns a very poor RTP of some 96.76%.

Double Double Bonus Poker – 98.98% is the payout percentage attached to the pay table of the Double Double Bonus Video Poker game variant found in Microgaming’s mobile suite of games, so even though many of the hand combinations have been enhanced over the long term you will not have an increased chance of winning when playing this game!

Jacks or Better – The long term expected payout percentage attached to the Jacks or Better game is 99.54% and as such that as you can see is the best RTP and this game should be the one you end up playing. Be aware though that if you play the NetEnt variant of Jacks or Better the pay table is not the standard one which returns the 99.54% payout percentage instead their variant offers a slightly increased RTP of 99.56%!

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Other Mobile Casino Games:

Auto Hold and Gamble Options

If you haven’t the time or even the inclination to learn how to play Video Poker games optionally then there is an easy way that will allow you to play each and every hand you have been dealt out perfectly and this is by playing at a mobile casino site that has an option known as the Auto Hold option attached to each of their Video Poker game variants.

When you turn this option on and have it in play when you have been dealt out your initial five card hand the game will hold for you automatically the best cards in the hand, and that means all you then need to do is to tap on the Deal button and the game will hold and lock in place the best cards for you and the remaining cards will be removed from that hand to be replaced with new ones dealt out of the deck!

Another option that will become available to you whenever you have managed to form a winning hand combination is an optional gamble game. This will give you the opportunity of risking the winnings you just won and playing a card game based predicting game in the hope you can double those winnings.

There are several different gamble games attached to Video Poker games depending on where you have chosen to play them, however when playing any of the above Microgaming designed Video Poker game variants the gamble game will see one face up card being dealt out and four downwards facing cards.

You are then tasked with having to choose one of the four cards which are facing downwards in the hope that when your chosen card gets flipped over it will be higher in value that the face up card, if it is your initial winnings are doubled and you can then collect those winnings or choose to gamble them by taking another gamble game option, but if the card you reveal is lower in value than the face up one the initial winnings will be lost!

Taking the gamble option is not recommended as if you do keep on taking it and losing then your payout percentage for that session will be much lower than it would be if you collected every winning hand combination dealt out to you!