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Sadly the range of Scratchcard games on offer at Microgaming software powered mobile casino sites is not really going to excite you, in fact not all of their gaming platforms have these types of games on offer and you are going to only be able to access them if you own a Blackberry device or an older mobile phone with Java installed on it.

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The actual Scratchcard games that are available will not overly excite you as there are only two on offer and as you are about to find out the payouts attached to both of them are identical!

Basic Scratchcard – The original Scratchcard game from Microgaming which is one of the two different games on offer on their mobile gaming platform is a simple six panel game, on which you have to place an initial wager and then hope three of the multiplier values that you uncover will be matching amounts. When playing this game you can win a maximum payout of 50 times your staked amount.

Scratch and Score – The Scratch and Score game is basically the above game but instead of you revealing multiplier amounts your will reveal a set of soccer related symbols. The set of payouts you can win are identical to the above game so when playing it the most you can win off one single game is fifty times your staked amount.

The pay table and list of cash prizes you can win on this and the above game are x1, x2, x5, x10, x20 and the jackpot as mentioned is x50. Being a low valued jackpot you will find you uncover the three matching jackpot symbols more often when playing these two games than you would when playing any other software providers higher paying Scratchcard games!

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Playtech’s Mobile Scratchcard Games

You are going to find a much larger and much more impressive suite of mobile Scratchcard games if you choose to play at any mobile casino site that has the Playtech suite of mobile games on offer. Below we have listed their current crop of these types of games which you may recognise if you have ever played Playtech designed slots before as several of their scratchcard games are themed around their video slots!


mobile and ipad scratchcards played online

You will of course have plenty of different stake options available when playing any of the following Scratchcard games and if you want to see if they are any good before wagering any real money on them they can all be accessed in a free play mode which will allow you to test any or all of them out and make your own informed decision on whether they are worthy of your real money gaming action which we do think they are by the way!

Iron Man 2 Scratch – The Iron Man 2 Scratchcard game will see you first having to choose one of several different stake options and then you will be tasked with scratching off the nine panels on the play field of this game. The aim of this game is for you to get a line of three Reactor symbols in a row and as soon as you do you have won, and will then need to scratch off the prize panel to find out just how much you have won. The game comes with a jackpot worth a whopping 10,000 times your staked amount which is of course way higher than the jackpots offered on Microgaming’s two above listed games!

Pink Panther Scratch – The Pink Panther Scratchcard game from Playtech and it is very similar to the above game, in as much as you need to line up a matching set of three symbols in a row to win a cash prize. The symbols you will be hoping to reveal as you scratch off all of the nine panels are the Pink Panther logo symbols and the jackpot you can win on this game is a large 10,000 times your staked amount. This game plays out to a long term expected payout percentage of a very generous 95% which is actually higher than some mobile slot games!

Chicago Streets Scratch – Another Scratchcard game from Playtech which has a 95% long term expected payout percentage and will give you the chance of winning a massive 10,000 times your wagered amount jackpot is the Chicago Streets slot game. The aim of this game much like the two above is for you to hope that once you are scratched off the nine playing panels on the card you have just sent into live play, you get a matching row of three Logo symbols in a line, and if so you have won!

Love Match Scratch – When you play the Love Match Scratchcard game there are two different Angel symbols in play on the game and the aim of this game is for you to uncover a set of three of those symbols to win a cash prize. You are able to play this game for any stake amount on offer and you will also be able to play it for free to test it out.

The maximum cash prize offered on this game is 10,000 times your staked amount so it is very safe to say that even if you only have a small amount of cash in your mobile casino account you will always have a chance of winning big when playing this or any of the above named Playtech powered mobile Scratchcard games.

To save you having to constantly touch the playing panels to reveal them you will find each mobile Scratchcard game listed above will have a Reveal All type of playing control button, and as soon as you tap on that button the game will automatically reveal all of the playing panels without you having to tap on them all individually!

By using that Reveal All button you are going to be able to play a large number of Scratchcards per session you play, so set your stakes to sensible amounts so that you do not overspend when rattling through a lot of games!