You should have plenty of different Roulette game variants available to you at all mobile casino sites you choose to play at, however much like every other casino game you are going to come across some highly playable variants which boast low house edges as well as coming across some Roulette games that offer very poor value due to the house edges on those games being shockingly high!

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With this in mind we have listed below the four most commonly available Roulette games you are going to find offered at most if not all mobile casino sites. Be aware we have decided not to list the Roulette games which offer any type of additional side betting opportunities, as all variants of Roulette that do offer such bets have a very large house edge attached to those bonus bets and are therefore games you should avoid playing!

Each of the variants listed below are playable in either a free to play demo type mode at our featured mobile casino sites, and obviously a real money version of each game is also available. Trouletteo make the games as easy to play as is possible when you are using a touch screen device to place your wagers onto the betting layouts you simply tap the position on the betting layout displaying the number or type of bet you wish to bet on!

If you do not own a touch screen mobile deice such as a Blackberry or an older style mobile phone you can still play Roulette on those devices but you will have to use your devices key pad to scroll through the betting locations to select the ones you wish to place a bet on as opposed to tapping on the devices screen.

Mobile Mini Roulette Game

Let us start by introducing you to one of the newest Roulette game variants to appear on the mobile gaming platforms of some mobile casino sites, and this game is known as the Mini Roulette game. This game attracts a lot of first time Roulette players for its design means that there is one zero on the wheel along with the numbers one to twelve.

So instead of have thirty six individual numbers and a zero to bet on found on the game of European Roulette for example there are just one third of the standard numbers to bet on. However, do not be misled into thinking that playing this mobile Roulette game is going to give you a much better chance of winning!

For whilst there are only a small number of possible numbers to wager on the house edge on this variant is huge, and as such steer well clear of it as you will find it can and will eat away at your bankroll much quicker than when you are playing any of the other mobile Roulette game variants listed below!

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American Roulette Mobile Game

Another variant of Roulette that can be found at some mobile casinos and another one that should be avoided is the American Roulette game. The reason for us saying you should avoid playing it is quite simple and that is due to this game offering both a single and double zero on the wheel the expected house edge of this variant is 5.26%.

When you take note of the house edge on slot games you will often find they are way higher than that of this Roulette game, and as such you will have more chances of winning over the long term when playing most mobile slots than you ever would by playing the American Roulette game on your mobile device!

Mobile European Roulette Game

The European Roulette game is the first choice of variant for most savvy Roulette players, for this game has the same set of winning payouts as the above game, but due to the simple fact that there is just one zero in play on the wheel then house edge instantly drops down to a very much more manageable 2.70%.

We should point out that the stake levels at which you can play this low house edge game of European Roulette is going to vary depending on which gaming platform and suite of games are offered by the mobile casino site you are playing at, whilst many games offer a minimum stake of 1.00 on their Roulette games you may come across some sites that have much lower minimum stake amounts which can be as low as 0.10.

You will of course be able to earn comp points at most mobile casinos when playing any of these listed types and variants of Roulette, but always check any terms and conditions attached to any bonus you may be thinking of claiming, for often due to the low house edge and betting opportunities offered on most Roulette game variant you may often find playing Roulette with a mobile casinos bonus is not possible!

French Roulette Mobile Game

roulette played on ipad One final mobile Roulette game variant to tell you about is the French Roulette game, which if you only ever play the even money paying betting options when you sit down to play Roulette is going to be the game for you to hunt down and play.

The French Roulette game is almost identical in every single way to the European Roulette game, which one exception and that is whenever a zero spins in any bets placed on an even money betting location on the betting layout, will not be classed as losing bets.

There is a La Partage rules found on most French Roulette games and that will see you getting half of all even money paying bets stakes returned to you when a zero is spun in. There is a slightly different rule in play on some French Roulette variants and this is the En Prison rule which keeps all losing bets placed on an even money betting location in play for the next spin when a zero spins in. These two house edges means that all even money paying bets have a house edge of just 1.35%.