Live Dealer Games

You may have played in a Live Dealer playing environment when logged into an online casino site before, and if you have enjoyed the unique way those games play and operate in the past, then you will be pleased to learn that you can now play Live Dealer casino games at a number of mobile casino sites too!

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If you have never played Live Dealer games, then they are simply a range of card and table games which do not use the software animations and random number generators that all software driven casino games do and instead these are real life games that are being played in a land based casino. This is all made possible thanks to the wonders of modern technology because you are able to place bets and wagers onto those real life, land based games via your mobile device using a live web cam fed directly onto the live table with a live dealer present!

You are able to view via a small video type player displayed on your mobile devices screen all of the action unfolding in the land based casino. Therefore, for the excitement and entertainment offered by a land based casino, but without ever having to visit such a site, you should consider playing at a Live Dealer mobile site for you are able to take part in all of the following games no matter where you are.

Other Games:

Live Blackjack

If you fancy playing Live Blackjack games on your mobile device, then much like when you play them in an online casino or in land based casino you should first do some research and find out what variant of Blackjack is being used as the base game and then stick to playing those games that offer you the lowest house edge.

You will of course have to play every hand perfectly, but as you are able to find and use strategy cards for most mobile Blackjack variants very easily, you should have no problems putting into play a perfect strategy when playing these types of casino card games in a Live Casino environment.

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In fact if you have mastered the art of card counting, then you are going to be able to put your talents to good use, for the Live Dealer Blackjack game variants do use a real life deck of cards which are not shuffled before each new hand is dealt out as they are in all online casinos, so your card counting skills can be put to good use in the mobile Live Dealer Blackjack game playing environment without penalty.

You will be offered bonuses by some mobile casino sites to test out and play the Live Games in a real money environment, but we do find many of those mobile site bonuses come with very strict rules and often very high play through requirements are attached to them, so always read the rules carefully as sometimes you will have more chances of winning when you refuse to take one of those bonuses than you would do by taking one of them!

You will however earn comps when playing at most mobile casino sites irrespective of whether you play their software driven games or their Live Dealer games, so you will be getting just as many additional benefits as you would when playing in a land based casino or at an online casino site!

Live Roulette


You will find it is much more relaxing to play a Live Roulette game on a mobile device than it is to play in a land based casino, for you will not have to dodge and battle against other players to get your chips placed onto the betting layout. You can simply sit back and tap on the mobile devices screen to place your chips and then watch as the ball is sent into live play and hopefully lands in one of the ball wells associated with one of the betting options you have wagered on!

Be aware that you are always up against the clock when playing Live Roulette for unlike the software driven mobile casino sites, this game uses a real live Roulette playing environment; therefore, as soon as the Croupier announces no more bets, the betting layout is deactivated and you will not be able to place any more bets.

The chip values will vary from table to table, so when you launch the Live Dealer suite of games always select one of the Roulette tables that have a spread of stake options that you can afford to play for! The most commonly available live Roulette game variant is the single zero version.

Always avoid playing any Live Roulette game which has two zeros on the wheel and betting layout, but if you can find a French Roulette variant and you tend to place even money wagers, then those games are the ones you should be playing due to the En Prison or La Partage rules that will see even money bets being returned at half their value to players betting on an even money location when a zero spins in.

Live Baccarat

One final casino card game that you will find in the mobile Live Dealer environment is the game of Baccarat, many players do tend to play this card game for some very high stake amounts, and when playing at any of our featured mobile casino sites that offer a mobile suite of Live Games you will find a wide range of table stake options on offer at each of them.

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As you are going to be able to play these games wherever you are and for as long as you like, you should always ensure that you have enough battery life on your mobile device in case you hit a winning streak as of course you will never want to miss out on any winning streak due to your battery going flat!

Should you get disconnected from any Live Dealer game any bets and wagers you placed before getting disconnected will stand and the outcome of those games will be made available to you when you re-establish your connection into the mobile casino site.