Card games such as Blackjack are going to be available to you should you log onto any of our featured mobile casino websites or download any of the casino Apps onto your mobile device. However, as this is quite a strategic game and with there being a number of variants on offer, please do look through the following guide if you enjoy playing Blackjack for we will enlighten you on the unique game play rules attached to the currently available variants.

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Playtech’s Mobile Blackjack Switch Game

If you stumble upon a mobile casino site that offers the Playtech range of casino games, and you have a true passion for playing card games such as Blackjack, then their unique and highly playable Blackjack Switch variant is going to be a very good choice of game.

However, you need to be aware that this variant is very unique for not only does it have its own set of game play rules the actual structure of this game will be like no other you have played before.

  • Superb Game Variety
  • Play Free & Real Money Blackjack
  • Up to $£100 match Deposit Bonus + 200 Bonus Spins on deposit & wager of £20+s Only new Customers. T&C Apply 18+

Bonuses and Qualities

You are playing not one single hand per game played but you are obliged to play two hands, and there is a reason for you having to play two hands per game dealt out, and that is that you are permitted, thanks to a very player friendly game playing rule, to swap cards from one hand to another which does of course mean you will have to learn a new perfect playing strategy to get the house edge on this game down to the lowest value.

In fact once you do perfect the way of playing this Blackjack Switch mobile game, you will be playing a variant that returns a house edge of just 0.16%, which is very low indeed and one that will appeal to Blackjack players the world over.

The Dealer on the Blackjack Switch game is using a six deck shoe of cards, and they are shuffled before he deals a new game out. Any hand worth a soft 17 or lower in value will see that Dealer forced to hit that hand.

Players who are playing this Blackjack game variant are allowed to double down on any initial two card hand. Other player friendly rules include players being able to double after splitting a pair, but players cannot re-split any split pair of Aces and neither can they hit split Aces.

Microgaming’s European Blackjack Mobile Game

The European Blackjack game is the one most commonly played variants at any mobile casino site that uses Microgaming’s range of games and this variant is available as a web browser friendly HTML5 mobile card game as well as being available in Microgaming’s downloadable Casino App, so you will find you will come across it quite often irrespective of the gaming platform you are accessing!

The mobile European Blackjack game from Microgaming is their Gold Series version which simply means you are playing a game on which the graphics and animations have been enhanced, and that does of course mean it is a great mobile game and offers players crystal clear clarity thanks to the enhanced graphics.

  • $/£ 200 Welcome Bonus  T&C Apply 18+
  • Constant Free Spin Promotions
  • 40+ Mobile Compatible Games

You should have no problems navigating your way around this Blackjack game variant, and the player betting option buttons are big and easy to use. In fact you simply tap them to make the respective betting decision. The minimum stake that you can play this game for is just 1.00 and the maximum stake is 200.00, so both low and high rollers are able to enjoy this variant. For reference, you will also be able to play this game for free when using the guest player log in available on Microgaming’s HTML5 and Casino App platforms.

Once a game has been set into play, the Dealer will shuffle the cards and then deal out the cards. If any hand he has been dealt out is valued at a soft 17 hand or anything higher in value he will always stand his hand. The shoe of playing cards contains two full decks by the way, and not the six or eight decks that some other mobile software companies and game designers have on offer on their Blackjack games!

Players are able to double down on any two card hand they have been dealt out; a rule in conjunction to there being a two decks in play makes this a player friendly game and keeps the house edge low. In fact the house edge you will be up against when you play this mobile Blackjack game variant perfectly is just 0.42%, making it a fairly decent game to play; however, the following game from Microgaming has a much lower house edge variant!

Mobile Classic Blackjack Game

The Classic Blackjack game is available on Microgaming’s downloadable mobile gaming platform that players using an older model of Java enabled phone or a Blackberry device are able to load onto their device.

This game is actually one of their lowest house edge variants, for whenever a player puts into play a perfect strategy, he/she can expect a house edge of a quite modest 0.13%. This game does of course have its own set of rules with the main one being that the Dealer, who for  your information is using just one deck of cards, is going to stand any soft 17 valued hand when making his initial playing decision.

Players do have lots of different ways to play their hands with them being able to double down on any two card hand that is worth a total nine, ten or eleven. Players cannot however double down a hand if they have chosen to split a hand, but they can hit a pair of split Aces.

The stake levels at which you are able to play the mobile Classic Blackjack game are quite varied with the minimum bet being just 1.00 and the maximum bet per hand played is 200.00. The monetary value of each hand will be determined by the currency that you have chosen to set your account at.