You should not have any problems what so ever locating all of the most played casino card games when you are logged into any of our mobile casino sites. There are a quite varied number of card games that players do tend to make a beeline for, and one of these games is the classic game of Baccarat.

If you are an experienced baccarat player, then you will know there are some subtle differences in regards to the payouts on some Baccarat variants so please do have a read through this guide as we will enlighten you on these differences so as to enable you to locate a variant which offers you the best value.

However, should you have never played Baccarat before and wish to give it some play time then allow us to enlighten you on how the game plays and operates, as we are quite confident that you will soon get the hang of how to play this excellent mobile casino card game.

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How to Play Mobile Baccarat

The beauty of playing Baccarat as opposed to many other card games such as Blackjack is that you only have to make a limited number of betting decisions, and that is which hand you think is going to win each game you play or whether or not you feel the player and banker’s hand will tie, which pays out 8-1! Although, there are some variants of the game that will give you side betting options on the first two cards dealt and whether the player or bakers hand will be higher or lower than a set number.

There are three different outcomes that could end up being the winner of each game played. The first is a hand known as the Banker’s Hand, the other hand is the Player’s Hand and the third is a Tied hand. However, do not be misled by the names of these hands for you are able to bet on any of them, so if you think the Banker’s Hand will win, then you are not forced to bet on just the Player’s Hand!

The game of Baccarat plays out to a very easy to understand structure, once you have placed your wager, which can be as low as 1.00 on the betting box associated with the hand you think is going to win, then the Dealer will deal out two hands of two cards, which is one for the Player and one for the Banker.

The aim of the game is for one of those hands to get as close to a value of nine as possible and the hand combination that does have the highest value, ideally a nine, will be deemed to be the winning hand. However, a third card could be dealt out to each hand when the initial two cards are of a certain value.

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The Ten valued cards are always worth zero in Baccarat and any and all Aces are worth just one and not eleven. As soon as the Dealer has finished dealing out the two hands and has dealt any extra third cards required by the games rules then whichever hand is the highest valued closest to nine is the one that will be deemed the winner.

To get the correct score, the value of the two initial cards are added together, and if any hand is worth ten or more in value then it is the last digit that is deemed to be the hands value, so for example if you have been dealt out a 6 valued card and a 7 valued card when added together those two cards equals 13, and as such by just taking into account the last digit that hands value will be classed as a three because no hand is permitted to be above the value of 9.

If the outcome of the game is a Draw, then the Tied Hand betting position will be deemed to be the winning one. The chances of you winning when you choose to bet on the Banker’s or Player’s Hands are quite similar and the house edge on both of these betting options is slightly over 1%, and as such this is a low house edge game and one you may enjoy playing. In fact, Baccarat has one of the lowest house edges out of all the casino table games, hence its popularity.

Be aware though it can be a very fast playing card game with plenty of up and down swings. There is a very good chance that you may experience many winning bets on the trot just as much as you could end up going on something of a losing streak when your chosen hand combination is the losing outcome for several games consecutively, so always do play this game with stakes you can afford.

Be aware that as a player you are able to bet on any or all of the possible outcomes of each hand played, and as such you will often find that should you have taken a bonus at the mobile casino site you are playing at, you may find the game of Baccarat is not permitted to be played with a bonus.

You will however find that you will be accumulating comp points when playing mobile Baccarat at the vast majority of mobile casino sites, and being such a very fast paced game you should accumulate a large number of them when playing any single session for a decent amount of time!

Mobile Baccarat Game Facts and Figures

It should be noted that due to the way the Dealer is going to play the Banker’s hands as soon as any game of Baccarat is sent into live play, the Banker’s Hand does have something of a slightly increased chance of winning.

To compensate for this fact you will find that when you are playing Baccarat either online or at a land based or mobile casino site, there will be a 5% house commission to pay when you have placed a bet on the Banker’s Hand and that hand is then deemed to be the winner.

When you play at a Playtech powered casino, you will find the house edge attached to the Banker’s Hand is 1.06% and the house edge of the Player’s Hand is 1.24%, the Tied hand does have a huge house edge which works out at over 14%!

The house edge when playing Microgaming’s powered mobile Baccarat game is slightly lower with the Banker’s hand having a house edge of just 1.01%. You can play mobile Baccarat for free which will be a very good way for you to get used to the way the game plays and operates if you are a beginner.