USA Players and Mobile Casino Games

We have chosen to include the USA in our series of special Regions and Countries guides as there are certain US States that have started to fully embrace and put into place a legal framework that will allow the gambling commissions and gambling authorities of those US States to license and regulated mobile casino sites.

Featured New Jersey Casino:

One such State is New Jersey, which as you will probably be more than aware has a very established land based gambling hot spot of Atlantic City where online real money gaming was made illegal up until just recently. New Jersey players follow strict geo-location guidelines and are now able to play many different types of casino games at several different mobile casino sites. These sites have been fully vetted and licensed by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission and these licences have been specifically designed to ensure as a member of any of the casinos licensed in New Jersey, you will never run into any type of problems that you may find when playing at an offshore licensed mobile casino site!

USA Players Checklist

To avoid any possibility of you experiencing any kind of problems when playing at a mobile casino site from within the New jersey State boundaries, please ensure any site you join up to offers you all of the following unique yet very important features and benefits.

Hassle Free Banking Options – As you may know, many US Banks and Credit Card issuers have restricted their customers from being able to use their cards and other financial facilities as a means of funding real money online and mobile casino accounts or any type of gambling accounts. therefore, make sure, and this is very important, that you have a very cost effective way of being able to fund your mobile casino account. Many banks have lifted restrictions, but there are still some that are fussy about financial dealings with online casinos.

Cross Brand Promotions – As all New Jersey State licensed and regulated mobile casino sites have to be based in New Jersey, then most of the mobile casino sites you can play at are owned and operated by land based casinos! Do look out for those sites that cross promote both their mobile and land based casinos as you will often find as a player at one of their mobile sites, you will additionally be able to claim some exclusive promotions at one of their land based casinos! on top of this, you will also be able to pay into your mobile casino account by directly visiting the casino and topping up via their cash cages.

Avoid Offshore Based Casinos – A quick word of warning, as New Jersey have a solid and robust gaming authority you should avoid using offshore licensed gaming sites, for if you have a problem when playing at those sites, you have no way of seeking assistance, but with the New Jersey Casino Control Commission available 24 hours a day if you do run into any kind of problems, you are guaranteed that help is always at hand.

Most Played Mobile Casino Games

There are a huge and growing range of both unique and classical casino games that you are going to be able to access from within the New Jersey State boundaries, and below we have listed just three of the most played mobile casino games that players enjoy playing on their mobile devices in the Garden State. These games come with some very low house edges, great bonus offers and high payout percentages, which are probably the reasons they get so much real money action from players throughout the week despite the population of New Jersey only being around 8 million people.

Video Poker – Video Poker games are often the best valued casino games on offer, and as such this well-earned reputation has made video poker hugely popular with American players. If you can select the best pay tables attached to a Video Poker game and put into play a perfect playing strategy whilst also using bonuses and casino comps optimally, you will inevitably increase the number of winning sessions and reduce those disastrous losing sessions by learning how to play by playing more often through easy access to Video Poker games on your mobile device!

Slot Games – You are never going to go short in regards to the types of slot games that you will be able to instantly play on any type of mobile device. You can get stuck into playing three reel classic slots, or try your chances on a progressive jackpot slot or even have hours and hours of fun playing a bonus games, free spins sessions and wild multipliers!

Roulette Games – Do not be under the illusion that the American roulette game variant is the best one you can play on your mobile device if you are a US based player, for sadly that game; however tempting, comes with a larger house edge caused by there being two zeros on the wheel. Instead of 37 numbers as with Europe Roulette, American Roulette’s two zeros present 38 numbers. If you want the best winning opportunities when playing Roulette on your mobile device, pick a variant boasting one zero and not two of them on the wheel! However, there are some casinos that will slightly change the payout odds between these two games in order to make up the difference.