Chose a Side in the Final Battle of Three Remaining Warlords

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warlords-crystals-slot-logoThe time has come for the final battle of the three remaining warlords, their armies are already on the battlefield, so you will have to choose a winning side quickly.

Some of you may think we are talking about Game of Thrones, but actually this is the introduction of the latest product coming from NetEnt’s creative kitchen, called Warlords: Crystals of Power.

This five-reel slot with 30 fixed paylines to be released on 24th of November will boast exceptional visuals and an engaging soundtrack, while action junkies will be thrilled with the fact that there are loads of special features that offer lucrative payouts.

It’s all about picking the winning side and pledging your allegiance to the most powerful ruler, who will be extremely generous to his warriors. So choose your banners wisely.

What We Love

The moment we saw the trailer, we immediately fell in love with the visuals. Some would say that NetEnt always produces slots with outstanding graphics and matching soundtracks, but we feel that the Swedes really went out of their way to deliver us a game that more looks like an animated movie than a video slot.


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And the very theme of the 2016 release is so movie-like. Everything revolves around the three warlords, and we feel as if a real battle will start the moment we spin the reels. We love the fact that the NetEnt product offers a genuine special feature for each of the warlord, starting from the Wilds up to Free Spins.

Every ruler has its own Wild, its own animal companion, its own Banner Scatter, hence its own Free Spins feature. This means that gamers can benefit from three types of Wilds and three separate Free Spins features, which is plenty for a starting price of $0.15 per spin.

We were also pleasantly surprised with the maximum possible payout of 6,666 times the triggering bet, which is offered by the Priestess Free Spins feature.

What We Do Not Like

Even though it is too early in the morning to talk about the downsides, the first thing that popped to our mind when we watched the teaser is that the 2016 release might seem a bit complicated, with all these features involved.

Beginners will probably have a bit of trouble to understand how everything works, while those gamers who like to keep it simple will choose a slot that isn’t so demanding.

Worth Playing?

We would recommend all gamers who love playing slots packed with action to arm themselves up and join the battlefield on 24th of November, because the battle will be epic! You will definitely love the visuals and the soundtrack, while there will be more than enough special features to go around.

If the game is half as good as the teaser, it will be worth the trouble, even though it might seem a bit complicated due to the number of additional features. NetEnt decided to finish their 20th anniversary celebration in style, and we will definitely be there to join the party.

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