Check Out Batman and The Joker’s Million Dollar Smile

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batman-and-the-joker-jewelsAnother one of the Ash Gaming releases based on the popular Batman 1966 TV Series, this time inspired by the now proverbial clash of the caped hero himself and The Joker.

People who are familiar with Batman and Catwoman Cash Machine Slot are already prepared for the decades old adorably campish 60s style.

The ones that expected the millennium version will be pretty shocked by the fact that Batman existed long before some of you were born.

Still, apart from the possibility to win one of the four progressive jackpots, the slot is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with one of the most popular superhero’s prototype.

What We Love

It was truly a nice surprise that somebody remembered how Batman existed before the Dark Knight Series or even before the cult Tim Barton adaptation. It will, without a doubt, look extremely naïve and possibly even ridiculous to the millennials, but we still find a certain flare and swag to the characters, especially The Joker and his snappy style.

Progressive jackpot is usually rated pretty high by most of the online slot players, but four progressive jackpots definitely hit the ceiling.


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Even better is the fact that once Jackpot Game is unlocked, winning one of the four progressives is guaranteed. Not to mention the fact that the Jackpot Game is completely random and can be activated at any spin.

In addition to that, the slot also offers Batman vs Joker Free Games where you get to select which way the multiplier will go. Waiting for the Wild to point towards the side you selected ads a certain level of excitement to the overall experience.

What We Do Not Like

If we would have to find one thing to bad mouth, it would probably have to be the extremely low return percentage. It is calculated at 95.01% which means that this is a high variance game. This will probably put off a lot of potential players who are used to playing medium to low variance slots.

On the other hand, one should not disregard the fact that the minimum total bet is $0.25, which is actually not bad at all. Either way, the low overall RTP is to be expected with progressive jackpot games, where a total potential payout can be extremely high.

Worth Playing?

As far as we can see, not many things are going against this slot. The retro style visual appearance has found its way to our hearts and we are certain that new generations will be amused by how things were done before digital technology. The payout potential is enormous and the big win can hit you at any time.

There are enough bonuses to keep the player busy and we especially liked how the slot introduced two Wild symbols equally honouring both the hero and the anti-hero. We are certainly looking forward to the next Ash Gaming release. Judging by this one, it should be Bat-tastic!

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