Bundle Up and Wait For Santa in Secrets of Christmas

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secrets-of-christmasIt seems that whenever Halloween turns the corner, there is someone that gets into their Christmas cheer far too early.

When the songs start playing on the radio, and people start decorating their homes, they’re having fun anyways.

It seems NetEnt decided to skip the rush of Halloween games this year and decided to simply focus on the next big holiday on the list.

Secrets of Christmas is set on a wintery backdrop, and is a 5×3 reel slot with 25 fixed paylines, coming packed in a cozy, traditional Christmas theme.

What We Love

The game has one bonus feature, which is a surprise for NetEnt, who showed many times over that they prefer putting in more of them. Regardless, it is well polished, and it gives you presents.

Who doesn’t love presents at Christmas time, after all? We feel that Secrets of Christmas does just fine with the single bonus it contains, as it has the capacity to change your whole game around.

The theme is about as traditionally Christmassy as it gets. Right from the snowy backdrop of a cabin, symbols styled as wreaths and Christmas imagery such as bells and gingerbread houses.


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The looks of the game are well polished, especially when you’re taken inside as part of the special feature, and you sit by the fireplace while small crackles of flame fly about the reels. It is gorgeous, it is amazing and we love it.

Keeping up with the times, NetEnt decided that they would be bringing the newest release on both mobile and desktop devices as well. While some people are undoubtedly not satisfied that the massive list of games developed by the Swedish company remains unavailable for mobile, this is one less slot they have to worry about.

As far as quality of game features go, you have to commend NetEnt for not only developing an Autoplay mode, but also a Turbo mode as well.

While Autoplay seems to be mostly standard nowadays, though it seems oddly missing in some games, Turbo mode is not included everywhere, but we feel that it should be. Sometimes, you just want to get some fast spins in, and we feel NetEnt is doing right by bringing it into their games.

What We Do Not Like

While the game is not finalised, and things are subject to change from what we have seen in the preview, the slot does seem more structured to middle and high rollers, while leaving low rollers out in the snow for Christmas.

Considering that many NetEnt slots are flexible enough to cater rollers of all shapes and sizes, we feel they could have extended that onto this slot as well.

The extra prizes you win from selecting your gifts are also entirely randomised. While the game acts as if you have a choice, the truth is that your pick is entirely based on RNG. Even if you never know what sort of gift you might get, sometimes you’re really aching for some free spins, and get a multiplier instead.

Worth Playing?

At this point in time, there isn’t much we can say against this game. We had a blast with it, and we hope that the final release delivers. Despite the oddity of this being the first fully Christmas themed slot NetEnt released for us, it is clear they wanted to make it traditional all the way.

The gameplay, the soundtrack, graphics and theme, it is all traditional, like the games of old, and we believe that is the point of it all. NetEnt schedules the release of Secrets of Christmas for December 15th, so be ready when it comes. Santa may just bring you a big present for the holidays.

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