Sports Betting On Mobile

There is one mobile gaming environment that we are certain will attract the immediate interest from a niche selection of our website visitor and that is of course mobile sports betting. There are many benefits of being able to place a wager via your mobile device or any sporting event you just happen to have  your eye on, and in this guide we shall enlighten you on all of those benefits, and also show you just how easy it is to place a bet on absolutely any sporting fixture.

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It doesn’t matter whether you own an iPhone, a Windows Phone, a mobile device that uses the Android operating system or in fact any of the more proprietary type of operating systems found on mobile devices because all of the major land based and online sports betting companies have launched, over the last few years, their own unique types of sports betting Apps.

You will also find that you do not need to download the App onto your mobile device as when you visit the mobile websites of any major sports betting company, you will pleasantly surprised to find out that you can use their respective mobile betting sites in just the same way as using an online sports betting site’s betting platform.

However, we have found that the downloadable Sports Betting Apps are by far and away the easiest and most convenient way for bettors to be able to place a sports bet, and as such if you do have the storage capability available on your mobile device, then we recommend you do consider downloading such an App as you will be amazed at just how easy they are to use and operate.

What Types of Sports Can I Bet On?

Do not be under the illusion that you are only going to find a small limited number of sports betting opportunities on offer at a mobile betting site, for the number of different sporting fixtures that you can bet on at such sites are only limited by the company whose site you are logged into! However, you can be rest assured that many of these sports betting sites will give you as many options as they are legally and viably able to do so.

The norm is that the bigger and better known the sports betting company whose mobile site you have become a customer of – the greater the number and variety of sporting events you will be able to bet on. Therefore, if you are considering joining the mobile sports betting environment, then a wise rule of thumb would be to opt for one of the larger and better known betting companies, as you will have thousands of betting opportunities on offer every day of the week, covering every type of sport enabling you to form more strategic betting patterns, or simply have more fun!

What Bets Can I Place on a Mobile Device?

bet365 mobile betting app

bet365 mobile betting app

Depending on the sports the mobile betting website covers, you will be able to place bets on any sporting events and sporting fixtures available once you have an account and have logged into the mobile sports betting site’s roaming website or mobile App. Furthermore, it is worth noting that very rarely will you run into any restrictions on the types of bets you can place because most sports betting Apps or browsers  provided will replicate the betting options provided on the main betting site used by desktop members.

The most commonly placed bets on a mobile betting site is an outright win bet. For instance, you may want to select one team or one player in any sporting event to win that event outright – pretty exciting! However, each sporting event will usually have an additional range of bets on offer.

Take for example Soccer, in which you are able to place half time and full time wagers on the score at the end of the game or make a wager on whether the game will produce a home or away win, plus there is option to just put our money down on the game being a tie. Breaking down the betting options further, more bets can placed on which players scored as well as place a bet on who you predict will score the first or last goal, how many corners there will be during the match, how many red or yellow cards there will be or the order of which team will score when using set time periods during the game.

If you enjoy betting on horse racing for example, then you will be able to place all manner of bets including; but certainly not limited to, a win, place or show bet and you will also be able to a place Exactas or a Trifecta bet as well as a myriad of other unique and exotic types of bets coming from the straights or the hurdles! Add dogs to the equation, and you will have similar betting options found on the horse racing.

In essence, having any mobile sports betting site’s Apps on your mobile device is like having a Betting Shop or Sports Book in your pocket! That means all the bets and wagers you are able to place at any of the land based betting venues are available in the same way via your mobile betting App!

Are there any differences in the Betting Markets?

You will be able to find and access both Ante Post betting markets at any mobile sports betting sites, and these are betting markets that allow you to take odds on certain sporting events; often months in advance running up until any time he sporting event gets the action underway!

Early Price betting markets are also on offer. These are usually found on horse races and greyhound races and will often be available first thing in the morning when a horse race or greyhound race meeting is scheduled to take part later in the day.

Play betting markets are also available to anyone accessing a mobile sports betting site’s App or mobile betting website. These types of betting markets are proving very popular with sports bettors for they only become live and active after a sporting event has started! This is also commonly referred to as ‘In-Game Betting’ or ‘Live Betting’. Consequently, if you ever find your self in the position where you have not been able to place a bet before a soccer match has started, then its no big deal because ‘Play Betting;’ means you will still be able to get a piece of the action through your mobile sports betting App via a range of odds offered live during the match as the game is in play right up until the moment the sporting event finishes and the final result is declared.

Really, there are no limits on the types of sports you will find Live In Play betting markets attached to, and we have found that many sports betters will use these types of betting markets to hedge any bets they may have placed prior to the match or sporting event, so as to guarantee that whatever happens during the event they are going to lock in a profit!